Thursday, May 3, 2007

Upcoming event of interest!

Greetings 100 Mile-ers!
Next saturday, May the 12th, Project Peacemakers is holding their annual Eco-Friendly dinner fundraiser. It is a vegetarian meal (working towards more local though they may have to start holding it in the fall -- but one step at a time). I mention this event because our very own Dan Wiens will be speaking on Food Security: Global to Local and 100 Mile Manitoba will be making an appearance in a display and on everybody's placemats. The cost is $10 (12 and under $5) and their will be some music entertainment as well. The feasting begins at 6:00pm but you need to call ahead to reserve your ticket (so food preparers can plan ahead). To do this call me, Mya, at 775-8178 or email at THANKS!

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