Saturday, January 13, 2007

New 100 Mile Manitoba Website

New 100 Mile Manitoba Website is up! Please check it out and help out with the content! This will now be a News Site and sharing blog.


Anonymous said...

Hi... In preparation for the 2007 growing season, I am planning God's little plot (which happens to be within the confines of the inner city property I own) to supply me with harvest for the 100 mile challenge. I am needing a lot of help in this and I am excited about the seed and knowlege exchange being held in Winnipeg in February. Thought I'd let you all in on the details and maybe we could approach the good folks to let us promote 100 Mile Manitoba. The website for Seeds of Diversity is
Look under EVENTS for the Seedy Saturdays accross Canada.

Jen Neufeld

Joel Toews said...


Read the article in the Lance about what you are doing, and it's quite exciting. We've been trying to eat more locally for the past couple of months, and are finding it quite easy in some respects. We are blessed with a bounty of resources here in Manitoba.
Anyway, my question is, what is the reasoning for starting in September...why not earlier?

Joel Toews